What if

your anti-aging routine worked

made your skin look amazing

and gave you confidence to face life with absolute joy?

It'd be pretty wonderful!

Do you ~

Spend out on anti aging creams that don't help your skin. They promise a lot, but don't make your skin look any less tired

Feel a little depressed about aging - You don't feel older, but your face tells you otherwise

Get nervous about Botox, fillers and surgery - You don't want to go that route unless you have to

Avoid photos - cameras are not your friend - You avoid having your photo taken like the plague - and selfies? Let's not go there. At all

Get frustrated that there's no easy solution - Aging is so hard, modern science should have come up with the answer by now.

The truth is, unless you change your approach to aging, you'll carry on being stuck in a rut.

If you really want to change how you're aging

Change what you're doing


Just for a minute, imagine how it would be to

Be confident that your anti-aging products are actually working

Simplify your skincare regime

Stop the endless search for that 'miracle' anti-wrinkle cream

Create intrigue among friends and family

Feel new excitement about life

The key to all this is that, unless you start to rebuild your face from underneath, your facial aging will continue to happen at the rate it currently is.


The volume of facial muscles shrink as the years pass - they literally waste away like a balloon going down slowly over time - it's the major 'what and how' of aging. That's what makes your skin loose, what makes wrinkles look worse, how your face sags, and the multitude of other problems called 'the signs of age'.

Exercise increases the volume of facial muscles, and gives them shape and definition. It sounds simple, and it is. Exercise can easily tone up your face as well as it tones your body.

The only reason facial exercise isn't widely available is because the big beauty companies can't make money from it.

Think about it: what's better for them - filling shelves with products you need to keep buying, or handing you the skill to reduce aging for yourself?

I absolutely want to free people from the happiness-sucking feeling of despair about looking older than you want to. And that's not said with an air-headed tra-la-la: it's a heart deep wish


Penny, Dubai

'I have just looked at my passport photo taken 3 years ago I am amazed at the changes in my faceā€¦.my eyelids have lifted, my cheeks look fuller as do my lips and my jowls are lessening. It makes so much sense we exercise our bodies so why not our faces! Thanks - I feel so much better about myself'.