How Face Exercises Work

Stunning results happen with Faceworks because of the unique relationship between your facial muscles and skin. Facial muscles are a specialized type of body muscle: they are firmly attached to the base layer of skin on the face to enable us to make facial expressions, and so that we can talk and eat. Face exercises work perfectly as an effective, natural way to rejuvenate the face.

How Face Exercises Work: muscles of the face tone up with exercise, just the same as other body muscles. Everyone knows that the body gets more sculpted when you work out: what actually happens is that exercise makes the muscles firmer, ‘tighter’ and stronger. The shape of the muscles become more compact, and they lift in and up to sit closer to the bones. On the face, this lift is very noticeable because the muscles are attached to facial skin ~ the benefits transfer to the skin, resulting in a lifted face, fewer lines and wrinkles and firm, glowing skin.

Safe for skin: Faceworks face exercises won’t cause more wrinkles or stretch your skin. We have many people who come to us after using other, more aggressive facial programs. If you have any particular concerns, our Therapist and Faceworks Founder, Elaine – is available to advise, just use Contact page. We are here to help you get the results you want.

Noticeable Results: The first results are noticeable in 6-10 days. Our ‘result record’ is 3 days: many of our reviews are from people amazed by the changes in the first few weeks. The full effects usually take 3 months, and you’ll see exciting new changes all the way through. When you’re happy with how you look, a workout 2 or 3 times a week maintains your results and slows future aging.

“I’ve been doing this for 3 days now, I see such a difference!!!” H.E.

Look brighter, fresher and younger: Every one of the 12 expertly designed face exercises works a specific part of the face to target all the signs of aging:

  • Lines and wrinkles
  • All over loss of skin firmness
  • Dull skin and uneven skin tone
  • Low eyebrows and frown lines
  • Eye bags and dark under eye circles
  • Droopy or puffy eyelids
  • Under eye troughs or hollows
  • Flat, shapeless or hollow cheeks
  • Naso-labial folds
  • Thin lips and lip lines
  • Jowls and marionette lines
  • Double chin and softened jawline

Easy Exercise Schedule: All Plans start with a with a workout 5 times a week for the first 3 months, to tone your face quickly. After 3 months, a twice a week workout maintains results, while 4 -5 times a week continues fast-track toning. If you’re under 40, you’ll usually see the full effect by 3 months, while for the over 50s it can take a little longer: around 4 months for a complete facelift.

Proven to work: All the face exercises in the program have been tested and trialled over 3 months by women between the ages of 30-55, with a 100% success rate. All saw noticeable improvements in face muscles and skin condition*. Since then, men and women up to and over the age of 75 continue to confirm these very special exercises give incredible results. What’s even better is they slow aging, leaving you free to enjoy life without worrying about looking older.

Recognised and approved: Faceworks is the only face exercise program to gain Therapy status. As a registered therapy, it has been passed for public use by the Complementary Therapists’ Association: the leading UK industry regulator.

Scientifically Developed: Faceworks is designed to maximise the body’s own regenerative ability. The program provides the right kind of exercise – in exactly the right places – to tighten and lift. Knowing how to work specific muscles means the big, aggressive movements used by some facial programs simply aren’t necessary. As the exercises take effect, lines, wrinkles and folds smooth out. The increase in circulation brightens, tones and firms skin; it becomes healthier, and skin problems such as breakouts and dryness fade away.

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* Research undertaken during the scientific development of Faceworks.


Kath, UK

'I want to say a big thank you, Elaine. I’ve been doing the exercises for 5 weeks now and notice lots of subtle changes. These include higher brows, reduced under-eye hollows, plumper and rosier cheeks, slightly fuller lips and generally a more relaxed appearance. I can now look in the mirror without feeling sad, which hasn’t been true since my early 40’s (I’m 52)'.