Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join Faceworks?

We closed to new Faceworks members at the end of January, 2023.

After 18 very busy years of Faceworks, Elaine is moving on to new projects.

What about current Faceworks members?

At present, the site remains open and available for you as normal. Your log in details will not change. And, as always, we're here for questions and support should you need us.

The future of Faceworks

Faceworks will close completely towards the end of 2023. The site and the exercises will no longer be available to view or purchase.

Will I be able to get the exercises anywhere else after the website closes?

Unfortunately, no. The will be no other app, website or source where you can find or use Faceworks, and we are not selling the face exercise program to another company.


C.M. Ireland

“Thank you very much for your speedy response. I have to say your customer service is second to none. I appreciate your help and I will buy the book today. Warmest regards, Caroline”