Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join Faceworks?

We closed to new Faceworks members at the end of January, 2023.

After 17 very busy years of Faceworks the company is downsizing. Elaine has decided to focus on existing clients only, so that she can dedicate more time to her other therapies and new projects.

What about current Faceworks members?

There is no change for current Faceworks members, the site remains open and available for you as normal. Your log in details will not change. And, as always, we're here for questions and support should you need us.

If you purchased your workout with a payment plan, your debits will continue to the end of the instalments.

What if I have a question about the changes?

News about the changes will be posted here on the FAQs. The Helpdesk is open for assistance with the exercises as usual.

Will the exercises cause more wrinkles to develop?

No, the exercises protect your skin. None of the movements are aggressive and they won’t stretch your skin. Faceworks is one of the few Professional Face Exercise programs and it is designed with expert knowledge in Anatomy and Physiology. In client trials, existing lines were reduced by 40% due to the improvement skin condition and the tightening of facial muscles. The increase in blood flow to the face brings more nutrients to the epidermis, improving the skins’ condition naturally.

How much will Faceworks change my face?

Faceworks gently reshapes the face. The changes are noticeable, and enhance your own beauty. The exercises won’t alter your face as drastically as surgery can. And if you change your mind and stop exercising, the facelift will melt away. From younger people wanting to give a boost to cheeks or brows; to older ones who’d love to regain their sparkle without expensive surgery, Faceworks is the perfect option.

What causes aging of the skin?

Young skin has lots of elastic connective fibres and a plumping layer of fat under the skin. As we age, the fibres get stiffer and tangled, and the fatty layer thins. Muscles slacken and gradually waste away. The signs of age are caused by the breakdown of the supporting structure underneath and within the skin's layers, resulting in lines, looser skin and a gradual change in the shape of the face. Facial muscles get longer and sag, and the extra ‘weight’ collects around the lower face and jawline.

Can the muscles be built up too much?

Faceworks won't overdevelop your face. Muscles build gradually and the fibres within the muscle only rebuild to a certain size, so you won’t look like you’ve had too many fillers, or look unnatural. The workouts carefully rebuild for a natural, balanced result. Facial muscles are quite small compared to body muscles, so it isn’t possible for your face to become larger.

Is Faceworks safe?

Faceworks is a Registered Therapy and approved for public use. I would always advise a check up with your doctor before starting Faceworks, just to make sure it is suitable for you to do.

What happens if I stop doing the exercises regularly?

Muscles only retain size and tone if they are used. If the exercises are stopped the muscles will eventually return to their previous condition. A month or two is probably the longest you could go before the benefits decline.

Can I do more of one exercise than another?

After you have been doing the exercises for 4-6 weeks and the muscles are used to working, you can do more. All exercises have a ‘Good For’ tip so you can select the exercises you want easily, and there are plenty of extra tips and advice to personalize your workouts. One of the biggest advantages with Faceworks is that if you have a special date coming up, simply increase your workouts or just target your ‘problem’ areas.

I’ve noticed that some exercises contract muscles and others stretch them. Why is this?

The upper part of the face is where most ‘rebuilding’ is needed. As muscles slacken, they drop. The distance between the nose and chin actually reduces as we age. Cosmetic surgeons also document what they call the ‘reverse triangle’ effect. When we are young, the widest part of the triangle is across the cheekbones and the point lies on the centre of the chin, in an upside down position. With age the triangle reverses: the widest point of the face is at the bottom of the face and the point is at the nose. Faceworks restores the width across the cheekbones and slims the lower face. Rebuilding exercises for the top half of the face strengthen and lift the ‘weight’ of the face up, while the exercises for the lower face tone and streamline.

Why does my face look different just after I have done Faceworks?

The exercises increase the blood supply to the face and neck. Because muscles work harder, they need more oxygen and glucose. The increase in circulation causes facial tissue to become plumper for a short time after doing the workout. This is beneficial for all layers of the skin, as cell renewal and repair become more efficient. Improvements to the complexion are usually the first changes noted.


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