Chin and Jawline Mini Workout

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This workout is great for double chins, to slim the look of plump faces and to give contours along the jawline. You'll see results around the mouth with smoother, 'tighter' skin and a reduction in wrinkles

Workout Time - 10 minutes

First Results in 6 to 10 days - Full effect at 2 to 3 months

Use this workout for:

A double chin

Slim the look of the lower face

Expression lines or folds around the mouth

An undefined jawline

Sagging skin under the chin

Suggested age: 20 to 40

Exercise Preview: Chin and Jaw Toner

Over 10 million people use this exercise!

This Workout comes with:

  • One 10 minute workout for the chin and jawline in real time with voice-over
  • Plus the 4 exercise videos presented separately with in-depth information
  • Unique Focus Points, Beginner's tips and Advanced Positions
  • Lessons and print-outs to guide you: How to start the exercises, supercharge your results and keep them for life
  • Results Timeline to track your facelift
  • Personal contact with Elaine and our Faceworks Helpdesk
  • FREE iPhone and iPad App
  • 30 day refund guarantee

Exercise List

Facial Warm-up. This exercise warms the muscles in the face; lips, jaw and neck. It improves the condition of facial skin and stimulates blood and lymph flow to the larynx, trachea, thyroid and parathyroid glands.

Mouth Shaper One. This exercise lifts mouth corners, give lips a little plump, tones deep jaw muscles and builds the surface muscles of the cheeks. It reduces sagging on the labial fold that runs between the mouth corner and the side of nose - and if that's not enough, works muscles under the chin.

Chin and Jaw Toner. From reducing the look of plump faces to toning turkey necks, this exercise is a star performer. It is amazing to tone and lift double chins and gives definition to the entire jawline. It also reduces jowls and loose skin under the chin. The extremely gentle action of this exercise does not stretch delicate neck skin.

Mouth Area Shaper. I love this exercise because it tones and slims the entire lower face. It erases naso-labial folds (those troublesome folds of skin) that run from nose corners to mouth, so that mouth corners are lifted. It also targets marionette lines and jowls, by lifting and streamlining this often overlooked area. The lower face becomes neater and tidier as muscles tighten.

Your Instructor

Elaine Bartlett
Elaine Bartlett

Hi there! My name is Elaine and I'm a Professional Therapist and Founder of the Faceworks program. I simply adore facial exercise. Faceworks has enabled me - and thousands of people in 135+ countries worldwide - to literally cheat aging. I've been a Natural Health and Beauty Therapist since 1998 and my skills are - very sincerely - here to help you to cheat aging too.

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