Results Timeline

All the changes in the Timeline were noted during my own thorough evaluation and testing of the exercises, and by people who took part in the monitored client trial for Faceworks.

If you'd like to see the results in the Timeline, just follow the 5 times a week schedule.

Two Weeks

The overall appearance of the skin is the first noticeable sign that circulation is boosted from the exercises. The complexion looks warmer and healthier. Lips look plumper, especially just after being exercised. Double chins are less prominent as the facial muscles start to tone.

One Month

Lips are bigger and plumper with an enhanced upper lip profile. There is a notable difference in expression lines around the mouth as the tissues tighten. Under the chin, plumpness and sagging is reduced. Skin continues to benefit and appears smoother and clearer. Although the workout focuses on the lower face, you may see improvements in your skin generally.

Two Months

The labial folds that run from the nose to the corner of the mouth are less noticeable. Lines and wrinkles appear smoother, and lips should now remain plumped all of the time. Jawline and jowls are a little neater, and will continue to lift. Double chins are reduced; the skin under the chin is smoother and tighter.

Three Months

By three months the mouth area is neater, with enhanced contrast between the lips and surrounding skin. Double chins are toned and reduced, and the jawline looks defined. Improved circulation helps to normalize skin problems: dry skin is more nourished and oily skin prone to fewer ’breakouts’.

If you're in the upper age bracket for this workout, jowls, lines and folds may take until this stage to show noticeable improvements. If you'd like increased results, switch to the Complete Workout to fully reshape and lift the lower face.

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