Results Timeline

The cheek muscles are the largest muscle group in the face, and exercising them brings great benefits to the complexion from the increase in blood and lymph circulation.

All the changes in the Timeline were noted during my own thorough evaluation and testing of the exercises, and by people who took part in the monitored client trial for Faceworks.

If you use the recommended 5 times a week schedule, these are the results you' ll see with the Cheek Workout.

Two Weeks

The first effect is to the overall appearance of the skin: the complexion looks warmer and healthier. Even at this early stage, skin problems such as breakouts and dry skin can show improvements. Under the skin, the cheek muscles start to reshape and tone up.

One Month

There is a noticeable lift in the cheek muscles as they hug in closer to the cheekbones. They sit higher, revealing more shape at the front and sides of the face. Lips are plumping up from the effects Mouth Shaper One. Skin continues to improve and now appears smoother, clearer and feels firmer to the touch. The firmness comes from increased resting tone within the cheek muscles underneath.

Two Months

With age, cheek muscles drop down and in towards the centre of the face, and it can take time for them to return to their true position completely. At two months, cheeks are toned and lifted sufficiently to plump out under-eye hollows. Under-eye bags look less puffy, dark shadows are paler due to improved circulation. Lines and wrinkles under the eyes have reduced in depth. Finally, labial folds that run from the nose to the corner of the mouth are less noticeable.

Three Months

The boosting action of the exercises restores the correct balance of the face across the cheeks. The face has an enhanced '3D' appearance, with beautiful cheek contours that contrast with a slimmer lower cheek area. The top of the cheek shows a natural curve with smooth under eye skin. Now the cheek muscles are lifted, sagging at the base of the cheek reduces - to reveal new contours under the cheekbone. Lips are plumped and naso-labial folds and lines reduced. With all of the workouts, improved circulation helps to normalize skin problems: dry skin is more nourished and oily skin prone to fewer ’breakouts’.

If you'd like to reshape your lower face too (mouth area, chin and jawline), switch to the Complete Workout for increased results.

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