6 important reasons to use face exercises to look younger. Keep your skin looking healthy and radiant from your 20s, right through to your 70s and beyond.

1 Beautiful skin

Facial exercise is great news for your skin: faces literally bloom in a way that’s impossible with skin creams alone. It’s one of the first changes you’ll see with Faceworks. The cells in the skin are constantly dying and being replaced – this process slows down as we age. Facial exercise increases blood flow to the deep skin layers: increasing the vital supply of oxygen and nutrition. This means a boost in cell turnover and a greater number of newer, brighter skin cells – and a newer, brighter you.

2 Fewer wrinkles

There are two reasons that face exercises mean fewer wrinkles. Toned muscles support the skin from underneath, like a firm cushion. This means that existing wrinkles appear smoother and less obvious; and new lines form more slowly. Secondly, the skin has a better supply of antioxidants from the increase in blood flow. These magic nutrients are vital to stop the skin from degrading as you age. They are carried in the blood, and prevent free radical damage from sun exposure and pollution.

3 A naturally toned face

Facial muscles are unique: they are attached to the skin to enable expression. If they weren’t, we wouldn’t be able to blink, smile, frown or talk. And it’s this difference between the muscles in our face and body that makes a natural facelift possible. Using specially designed exercises, facial muscles tone and lift naturally for a healthy, beautiful new look.

4 Look Younger

It’s a fact that exercise slows and reverses the ageing process in muscles. Facial muscles drop and sag, becoming longer, thinner and flatter. The fatty layer underneath the skin gradually disappears, this is most noticeable under the eyes. All the contours of the face lose their height as muscles give in to gravity: even the tip of the nose drops as the connective tissues relax. This droop and downward movement of everything makes faces look tired and old, but it is reversible with a good facial exercise program such as Faceworks

5 More self-confidence

Changing how you look for the better with a good anti aging regime has a big impact on your confidence. Faceworks brings noticeable changes right from the start, and people will tell you that you look different, look younger, though they’ll never guess what you’re doing! Lots of people tell us they feel much happier and more confident and all reviews are genuine, from many happy Faceworks users.

6 Better bone health

Bones become stronger when we exercise. Working your face helps to prevent the demineralisation of facial bones, which is well documented by dentists. Demineralisation, or bone loss occurs as we age, but can be slowed down or reversed through strength training exercise. Nutrition is also important for keeping your bones strong and healthy too.