5 face exercise secrets that make you look younger

At one time, I wouldn't have believed I could look even 6 months younger without surgery. But now I look 10 years younger: and it's all due to face exercise. Even though I'm 58, I don't need anything else to keep my skin in top condition and my face toned. So how and why does face exercise work? Here are 5 facts:~

Fact No.1: Banish dull skin

Facial exercise is great news for your skin: the dull and tired look changes rapidly to a bright, refreshed appearance. People who do Faceworks often say they're asked if they've been on holiday in the first weeks, because they suddenly look more vibrant and healthier. The reason these changes happen so fast is the increase in blood flow to the deep skin layers, which boosts the vital supply of oxygen. The cells in the skin are constantly dying and being replaced – you'll probably know that this process slows down as we age. But lack of sleep, illness, stress or poor diet can really affect how your skin looks too. In fact, the connection between something like extra stress with skin issues isn't always obvious. If you're skin has recently flared up or become dull or dry, think back over the past month or two, very often there's a reason for the change. It's super important to take care of skin to keep the signs of age at bay, and this is easily managed with a good face exercise program. Even if you're going through a trying time, 2 or 3 workouts a week keeps your skin looking bright, fresh and in the best health it can be.

Our research shows the changes to skin are visible in 6-10 days with Faceworks face exercises. That's the start of looking younger than you are.

Fact No.2: Reduced wrinkles

There are several reasons that face exercises reduce wrinkles. If your facial muscles are toned instead of saggy, the skin is filled out from underneath, giving a strong foundation like a plump cushion. This reduces deep wrinkles, and erases fine lines. Exercised muscles are firmer and 'tighter', so they are able to support and plump the skin from the inside, resulting in a face that's enhanced naturally. And the great thing? There are no needles to be anxious about, or worry about how long that expensive filler will last.

The spread of new lines slows right down with face exercise; partly because increased firmness, and also due to the improved supply of nutrition from the upregulation of blood flow. Antioxidants from the diet are a potent weapon against ageing as a whole. They are carried in the blood, and prevent free radical damage from sun exposure and pollution. Having more blood flowing to the base layers of the skin creates the ideal environment for the development of new skin cells. The new skin cells move up faster through the dermis and epidermis and the surface layers slough off faster. Skin becomes firmer, and is better able to resist the normal degradation that occurs in the usual ageing process. Slower aging is something I'm hearing a lot from people who've used Faceworks for several years - they simply look younger for longer - and this leads to looking not just ten years younger, but 15 or 20 years younger as time goes by.

Fact No.3: Reverse sagging

Facial muscles are unique: they are attached to the skin to enable expression. If they weren’t, we wouldn’t be able to blink, smile, frown or talk. It’s this connection between skin and muscles that gives such a great solution for the problem of sagging. The skin lifts along with the muscles as they tone up. The biggest surprise to me was how much firmer my skin became: there is a real strength to how my skin feels. And what I really love is that the contours are restored naturally, with none of the worry about surgery, or recovery time. Sagging is probably the most common problem that people ask about, I think Jette from Denmark sums this up perfectly:

"I have been doing Faceworks for four months, and the results are amazing. My brows have lifted, my lips are plumper, my jowls and naso-labial folds are so much better, my cheeks are high and round again, and I have amazing cheekbones. I am 48 going on 49, and Faceworks has transformed and rejuvenated my sad, slightly sagging face, so I now look fresh and full of energy. For the first time in years I can look in the mirror and be happy with what I see, and that is a miracle as I see it. So thank you, Elaine"

Fact No.4: Look ten years younger, naturally

It’s a fact that exercise slows and reverses the ageing process in muscles. It's the natural process of renewal - and your body is ENTIRELY capable of making you look younger without going near a needle or a scalpel. This fact was an early clue from my Anatomy and Physiology textbook* , and it directed me towards exercise as a viable anti-aging choice. Lack of use causes all body muscles to drop and sag. Obviously, the face is as much prone to this problem as the rest of the body, but we call this 'aging', when it's really simply down to inadequate movement. All the contours of the face lose their height when muscles give in to gravity: even the tip of the nose drops as the connective tissues relax. This droop and downward movement of everything makes faces look tired and old, but it is reversible by using a professionally designed facial exercise program.

Fact No.5: Confidence like you wouldn't believe

The final face exercise fact that instantly makes you look younger, is confidence. Changing how you look for the better can have a big impact on self esteem, and personal happiness. To be free of the worry about looking older than you want to is pretty liberating, and people are surprised how happy they feel when the exercises show the first results. Looking great - and feeling good about looking great - is a heady mix, and I don't think I'll ever tire of getting excited emails, like this one from Sally in the USA - and please skip past what she says about me:

"Elaine, I just want to say how fabulous you look in the videos! Wow! It’s amazing how naturally beautiful your skin looks….not as if you had surgery. The marks of surgery are always there but you look just beautiful! So firm and lifted…your photo from the before, to the videos….well, you are your own best advertisement! Thank you so much for your program….I have been using it for 5 weeks and already I can see the results! I never thought this possible! Thank you thank you!

Update: Elaine, all of a sudden everyone is telling me how GREAT I look, my eyes look good, I look younger! It is the exercises, they are the new addition to my life. Thank you…I can’t wait to see how I look in a year! Again, thank you for your innovation in this whole area…if more people only knew what was available! I knew I would never brave the ‘knife’, and in reality it is always evident when one has had ‘work’, don’t you think? But this is so natural, yet very effective…I could go on and on! Thank you again!"

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look ten years younger. Elaine Bartlett, aged 58Elaine Bartlett Dip. ITEC, Nut.Cert. Faceworks Founder, Kinesiologist & Reiki Master - photo (left) is age 58


* Principles of Anatomy and Physiology, 9th Edition, G. Tortora, S. Grabowski ISBN 0-471-36692-7

Discovering the link between nutrition and skin aging: Schagen, Zampelli, et al. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3583891/