Faceworks Face Exercises

Visible Results in 6 to 10 days - the No.1 Natural Facelift Program


It's easy to think they're blessed with good genes, or have a beauty budget that's way off the scale


How would it be if you discovered a secret way to look amazing?

If you knew how to look younger now


Slow the signs of aging as you got older?

Faceworks is an effective face exercise program ~

Proven to lift, firm and rejuvenate facial skin and muscles

Targets all signs of facial aging

Enhances your natural facial contours

Used for effective anti-aging by people in 135+ countries

A lifelong solution to protect skin from new signs of aging

"I will look forever young because of Faceworks, I'm mistaken for 15 to 20 years younger than I am - I'll be 47 soon. I don't have wrinkles around my eyes or my forehead. My cheeks are lifted, my eye bags are gone and the muscles in my face are toned, lifted, strong. I feel the difference. Elaine, you deserve so much recognition for what you've created, I am forever grateful.” ~ Kristine, USA

I've been doing the Complete Workout for 4 months, and the results are amazing. My brows have lifted, my lips are plumper, my jowls and naso-labial folds so much better, my cheeks are high and round again, and I have amazing cheekbones.

I am 48 going on 49, and Faceworks has transformed and rejuvenated my sad, slightly sagging face, so I now look fresh and full of energy. For the first time in years I can look in the mirror and be happy with what I see, and that is a miracle as I see it. ~ Jette, Denmark

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Elaine Bartlett, Faceworks Founder

'Faceworks is different to many facial exercise programs. Built with Science, not hope, the exercises reshape and revitalize your face better, because they are designed with professional, expert knowledge of anatomy.

I don't believe in working the face aggressively, or in complicated workouts. I believe the right exercises in an easy-to-use anti-aging program makes it possible for everyone to look sensational as they age.

What's more, the exercises are a Registered Therapy, and have been taught to real people in my Therapy practice and at beauty events such as Selfridges Beauty Project. If the exercises didn't work, I wouldn't be doing what I do.'


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I've been doing Faceworks for the last few years and the results are astonishing. Just recently I was mistaken for 33 yrs old: I'm 47. That's a whole 12 years younger! Lily, USA


I’ve used the Chin and Jaw Toner for 3 months & WOW. As a makeup artist I’d recommend it for anybody! Trisha, Canada


I’m astounded! I’ve exercised my face for several years using several programs, and I’ve NEVER seen such quick results. In only a couple of days, the corners of my mouth are level, after staying downturned through years of facial exercise. I am thrilled. Cathy, USA


The Complete Workout Course is well laid out and easy to follow, like having a personal trainer work with you. I was doing exercises from a book & YouTube videos before, but I felt had no consistency & I was never sure if I was executing the exercises properly. Faceworks is such a thorough, easy to use facial workout. -L.S. USA